Allocation to a teaching school alliance:

You will need to identify your nearest teaching school alliance that is recruiting for your specialism. A list of recruiting schools will be available when the application round opens.

Core training day:

All new specialist leaders of education have to attend this training day. It provides you with essential information about the role and gives you the tools and techniques for effective school-to-school support. It also gives you the opportunity to meet others in the role.

Additional training sessions You can choose from a menu of optional training opportunities. They consist of one or two enrichment sessions. You are entitled to attend up to two of these training opportunities at no cost to your school. Currently, optional training sessions are offered in: developing others; leading and managing organisations; developing your leadership potential; and leading teaching and learning.
Placements to support other schools Each placement will be designed to meet the needs of the supported school. They may involve coaching, mentoring or facilitation skills – there is no set method, but support will always focus on sustainable leadership development and school improvement. You will need to keep your allocated teaching school informed of progress regularly.
Access to ongoing support and training Your teaching school will ensure that there is support available for you where required. The DfE team will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
Additional opportunities As well as supporting other schools, we expect that you will also be able to engage with other areas of work – for example, research activity on behalf of teaching schools or working with national policy makers in relation to particular specialisms.

SLE core training day providers (PDF, 88.1KB, 2 pages)

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