We are delighted to announce the publication of the national “Closing the Gap” research project that Westbridge and some of its partner schools were involved in. Participation in this trial proved extremely valuable in furthering our research skills and in evaluating projects designed to ‘close the gap’. Working in collaboration with a number of schools we undertook randomised control trials for:

Growth Mindsets
Breakthrough to literacy

The trials contributed to the large scale national research into the effect of these teaching approaches and their impact on closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils.

In addition to participation in the National project, we were successful in securing a grant to be an early adopter school and as such were able to design a small scale randomised control trial. Our research focused on the spelling tests. We were invited by National College of Teaching and Leadership, and Education Development Trust (formerly CfBT Education Trust) to deliver a presentation at the Early Adopter dissemination event in Nottingham on Wednesday 21 October and at the end of programme event in London on Wednesday 18 November. During these events we were able to showcase the results of our small scale spelling research project. The evidence from our research is contained in the final report. As our small scale research indicated that a weekly spelling test did help pupils remember spellings, we are now replicating the research with a larger number of pupils.

Please follow the link below to view the final programme report.


Those of you who attended the recent Leadership Seminar led by Professor Rob Coe will be aware of the growing body of evidence to support using research to inform teaching. A number of schools within our alliance are developing their own research focus and have been able to draw on our training and experience.

If you would like further information about our current research or would like to be involved in further projects please contact Sharon Baker (Deputy Head Westfield) (Sharon@westfield.wigan.sch.uk) or Ann Howard (Deputy Head Platt Bridge) (ann.howard@plattbridge.wigan.sch.uk)