We are pleased to announce that two new Specialist Leaders of Education have joined our existing 13 strong team. Our new recruits are Janice Jones (SLE in academy conversion and school business management) and Andrew Houghton (SLE in ICT/computing).

We also offer SLE expertise in Early Years, English, Drama, Assessment, Maths, Curriculum development, SEND and behaviour, closing the gap and leadership of CPD and ITT.

Evaluating a recent SLE deployment, the Headteacher said:

The process really challenged our current practice within a very short timescale.

The support has made a big impact on the Early Years setting through high quality observation and feedback which challenged staff and current practice.

The learning environment as well as Teacher planning has changed considerably. As a result, children show greater engagement and are more focused when accessing Continuous Provision. There is greater challenge to meet the needs of all learners. A more focused Continuous Provision has resulted in a calmer more purposeful environment with children engaged and challenged in their learning. There is less emphasis on adult led activities and more on pupil’s self- initiated activities. As a result the children are showing greater motivation and engagement within the Continuous Provision.

An Acting Headteacher said:

The SLE was a huge help in beginning our journey of improvement linked to behaviour and SEND.

The SLE support enabled us to set up a new, more positive behaviour system which has positively impacted behaviour.

Further information about our SLEs are available on our website. If you would like to discuss how an SLE might be able to support Leadership Development in your school, please contact Lavern Shelford, Head of School at Platt Bridge Community School. (L.shelford@plattbridge.sch.uk)