Westbridge offers CPD for all staff based on their needs, experience and interest. From newly and recently qualified through to more experienced staff, we aim to provide an inspiring choice.

We aim to “Bridge the Gap” in CPD between what is available locally and nationally. Some CPD will be bespoke and tailored to the work strands of the Teaching School. Training will be both designed and delivered in house and commissioned from partners or independent consultants.

Westbridge Teaching School Alliance provides the opportunity for those who wish to see outstanding practice in action, speak to our teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders and have the opportunity to engage with professional dialogue throughout your visit.

Platt Bridge Community School and Westfield Community School are both outstanding primary schools and would be able to make your visit bespoke to your needs. If you are interested in the School Visit Learning Walks, please click here for more information or to book on one of our dates and indicate which school you would like to visit.



These events are an opportunity for professionals to hear about examples of practice, practical innovations and personal insights that presenters believe to have a significant impact on teaching and learning. The event will take place at both Westfield Community School and Platt Bridge Community School and a range of experienced teachers will share/model good practice and/or discuss a tool that has enhanced classroom practice. Presentations will be limited to a few minutes with the opportunity to ask questions. Delegates will also be offered the chance to participate in a Learning Walk.


Leadership Courses

Early Years Courses

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