The Kingsbridge Application Process:

Applying to Kingsbridge couldn’t be simpler: just follow the three easy steps below!

Step 1: Log on to UCAS.

In order to begin your application you need to log onto the UCAS website and search for Kingsbridge (provider) at Platt Bridge Community School (lead school).

The primary course code is 27VP.

Once here you can apply by following the instructions. You will need a personal statement, highlighting the skills, knowledge and experience which will support your application. Experience in schools is desirable, but not essential. We are looking for people with the potential to lead learning and inspire children!

Step 2: Interview

If your application is successful you will be required to attend a formal interview, often held at one of our Kingsbridge Training Schools. Here, you will do a task linked to current issues in education and then have a more formal interview, where you will get the chance to communicate your passion, energy and ambition.

Step 3: School Assessment

Finally, if successful, we will invite you to a School Based Assessment in one of our Training Schools where you will be asked to complete a short activity with a group of children. We will look at your ability to form relationships with children and the expectation you have of them before deciding if you are ready to embark upon your teacher training journey with us.


The current tuition fee for the course is £9,250. This can be secured through the Student Loan Company.

Some tax free bursaries are available depending on your subject, age phase and degree classification.


If you require any further information please click here.


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